Virgil K. Thomas, Sr., Pastor/Teacher

Biography of the Life of our Pastor 

CALL TO SALVATION: At the age of 28 years old, Pastor Thomas was called out of darkness into the marvelous light of Jesus Christ (1 Peter 2:9). It was in the year of 1991 during the month of March, when he accepted the invitation to come to the saving grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

EDUCATION: Pastor Thomas received his biblical education and training through the Washington Bible College/Capital Seminary located at 6511 Princess Garden Parkway in Lanham, MD. His main courses of study were theology and biblical education. In addition to his academic education, he was thoroughly guided and trained by Pastor James Morris Lee, Sr., senior Pastor of the Central Union Baptist Church, where he served as the assistant to the Pastor for over 6 years.

HIS PASSION IN MINISTRY: Pastor Thomas’ passion in ministry is “Apologetics,” and to perform the task which the Lord has given him according to the will of God, which are clearly written in the Holy Scriptures. Therefore, according to John 21:15-17 the will of God in his ministry is to; “feed the Lord’s sheep and to take care of them.” He realizes that this can only be accomplished by keeping the Lord’s commandments, which proves His love for Jesus.

HIS CHURCH FAMILY: Turning Hearts Church is located at 4421 Jay Street, SE Washington, DC. Pastor Thomas is the founder and Senior Pastor of the Turning Hearts Church. He shepherds a family of loving believers in Jesus Christ, who understands the call, vision and purpose which God has given them.

THE FIRST FAMILY: Pastor Thomas has been married to Elerie A. Thomas for over 33 years. He also, through this union, has two beautiful daughters: 30-year-old Kayla L. Ford (married to Kelvin Ford, and through this union baby Lily Coreen Ford, Daisy Ford, & Willow Ford). Pastor Thomas' youngest daughter is 24-year-old Kaliah M. Thomas. In addition to the two young ladies, is his name sake, their son Virgil K. Thomas, Jr. who is 22 years old. 

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