Turning Hearts Church

Order of Services
Due to Covid 19 

  Our services are being held Facebook Live!                   Search: Virgil Thomas
              (look for the Golden Lion)
                  as his profile picture.
You can then request him as your friend by saying "teach me!" Once you friend our Pastor, you will be introduced to an amazing display of exegetical, & expository preaching and teaching. 
           Sunday Morning Worship Service
                        November 3, 2021
              Our Lead Pastor: 
  Virgil K. Thomas, Sr. will be bringing our message.
                            10:00 A.M. 
            Tuesday's- Bible Study Class 
                              7:00 P.M.
             We are right now studying
                            the doctrine of Pneumatology!
           Pneumatology is the Study of:
                  God the Holy Spirit.
We are in our 8th month of this amazing lesson. You will learn lessons like: The Holy Spirit is equal in power, nature, attributes, and worthy of the same worship as God the Father and God the Son.